Friday, February 26, 2010

I Believe

First of all, I'm sorry it's been so long. This week has been so so busy! But I'm finally done midterms and don't have any assignments for a little while, so I'm going to pay some more attention to my blog :)

I hope you have been following the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, because boy, they have been amazing. I'm so proud to be Canadian. And I know that it's been discussed a lot, but this topic has been very impactful on me; Joannie Rochette.

She is an absolutely beautiful figure skating, and such a strong young woman. As a former figure skater, I know the intensity that is felt on the ice, as I'm sure many athletes and performers do. But I also know the support that is needed from family and friends. My mother is my best friend, and I couldn't imagine doing what Joannie Rochette has done; I don't know where I would find that strength to perform so beautifully and amazingly, without my biggest supporter there.

I hope that the Olympics have had an influence and impact on national pride, because we're doing great. And I hope that it has reminded people what a little faith, true passion, and a lot of determination can do. I think that's really influential in more ways than winning a medal. I think that faith, passion and determination also make a great leader who has the ability to make a change on their world. Whether you are mentoring a child, cleaning up a park, rallying for a cause, or raising funds, you must believe in your cause and you must believe in what you can do, and you must want to do it. And all this must be done even when you find yourself in the hardest of situations, keep trying, and don't lose hope.

I still believe that we can make a change, and I want you to continue to try.

Love always,

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