Saturday, February 13, 2010



Whether we have or have not met, thank you for reading my blog. I've decided that instead of always talking about making a change in the world, I'm going to start. Just small. But a start none-the-less. I intend to provide you with music, poetry, news, and thoughts to inspire, encourage and support those out there who are also trying to make a change.

A little about me. I'm currenty studying business, specializing in not-for-profit. I intend to get a post-grad in either public relations or event management and go on to work for a charitable organization, planning their events. I am a type 1 diabetic, of 19 years. I believe in the beauty each day has to offer and I continue to see the best in people, despite experiences I have.

I hope that I encourage and inspire at least one person to attempt to make a difference. Together we can. This is our world and only we can save the future.

Love always,

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