Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Makes the World Go Around

I'm one of those girls. The ones that believe that there's a happily ever after for everyone. I'm still in search of Prince Charming, but I do believe he's out there. I believe that chivalry isn't dead, but that every girl needs to be able to save herself and not rely on her knight in shining armor to come save her everytime. But all-in-all, I believe in love and the power it holds.

I believe that love is what saves us and holds us and strengthens us. I believe that without love, there would be no plot line for movies, there would be no lyrics for songs and there would be no need for a bucket of ice cream, kleenex and chick flicks. I also believe that love conquers all.

I have witnessed that first hand. My parents are the reason that I believe in love. They have been married for almost 24 years, and I'm the only obvious product of that, but I'm proud to be their daughter. I was a pretty smart kid (believe it or not) and was more aware of my surroundings than I probably should have been. But this made me aware of my parents struggles when I was about 15. They went through a rough few years, dealing with high stress situations. But I am so proud to say that they made it through it all, and are stronger than ever.

It's the funniest thing to observe my parents. My mom is a little crazy, but I love her dearly for it. And my dad, he can be a litte cynical, but he's the funniest and most gentle man I know. Sure, they disagree, and there are times when the house is really quiet, but I know that when my mom looks at my dad, her eyes light up, and my dad makes fun of my mom sometimes, but it's those quirks that he adores. I really do hope that I will someday have a relationship close to what my parents have.

But anyways, enough with the sappy personal stuff. My reason for this post is my thoughts on the power of love (Celine Dion anyone?). If you think of some of the most influential people in history, they radiated love; for themselves, for others, for the world. Gandhi fought hard for peace, and sacrificed much of himself in doing so. Mother Theresa was famed as a humanitarian and an advocate for the poor and helpless. Martin Luther King Jr. advanced civil-rights movements, as well as advocating for the poor and ending the Vietnam War. The list could easily go on; Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barack Obama, to name a few.

I think you could easily recognize that these people all had love; for others especially. They all fought to make a change. And I truly believe that if we all loved a little more freely and genuinely, we could start to see a difference; in our interactions, in others actions, in our world.

Just something to ponder over. How much strength do you think love has on change?

Love always,

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