Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Temporary Home

Hello out there.

As some of you may also be experiencing, it's reading week! It's great to be home :) I went out with some old friends from high school tonight, and it was really nice. But it was also pretty strange. We talked about where everyone has ended up over the last couple of years, and we talked about "the old days." It was really interesting to hear who used to be a pot head and is now actually doing really well in their programs and going places. And it's also interesting to hear where people started and where life has taken them. And on a side note, it's also weird to hear who is dating who now (some very unlikely pairings I must say...)

I'm proud to call these people my friends. Some of them have gotten into journalism and want to write investigative articles, some started in a science program and have enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces, and some of them have gone on to study law or go to med school. All of these people are amazing, and I know that we will change the world someday. I never thought I would say that about a LOT of these people when we were in high school, but it's funny how time can have such an impact on us.

It's got me thinking. Do you think we all pave our own paths, or do you think it's pretty much laid out for us already? In my opinion, we pave our own paths. Everyone makes choices, and these choices lead us to where we end up. It's our experiences, how we were raised, who we surround ourselves with, that end up defining us and leading us to make the decisions that we do. Sure, some of us end up "off the path" sometimes, but I believe that we all find our way back. And as cliche as it is, we will always go home, no matter where that is, or what has happened; home will always be our final destination.

Love always,

P.S. Check out Carrie Underwood's new-ish video - Temporary Home. It's amazing, and has a great message.

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  1. i love BX93..
    this song makes me cry even when im driving !!