Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Live Like We're Dying

So these thoughts were inspired by a recent trip home and a newly discovered album. I'm an American Idol fan, and really enjoyed the Adam Lambert/Kris Allen face off, as I enjoyed them both. I managed to fall into the Adam Lambert album, and really enjoy it, but never seemed to find my way to the Kris Allen album, even though he was the winner. Well...let me tell you. His album is good. Really good. It's about love and endings and truth. I'm very much in love with his album. So as you can imagine, I listened to his album, A LOT, while I was home recently.

Now for the back story. I went home because it was one of my good friend's birthday, so naturally we were going out to celebrate. That's reason #1 for going home. Reason #2 was simple; I missed home. And as I was lying in bed listening to my iPod the other night, the song "Live Like We're Dying," by Kris Allen came on. This song talks about only having so much time in our lives, and making the most of it, which lead me to this; how many people have I lost in my life, either through death or distance, who probably don't know, or didn't know, how much they meant to me? I'm sad to say that there is quite a few. And I'm not OK with that either. These people meant something and have impacted my life, and I don't know if they'll ever be aware of that.

So I made a decision. No matter how my day is going, no matter what I have to do, I will make sure that those around me know what they mean to me. And here is my challenge to you. Make the world a better place by spreading love. The next time you hang up the phone with a loved one, or the next time you part ways with a friend, tell them you love them, or thank them for being your friend. Sometimes a small gesture such as that can make the difference in that person's life and create a chain reaction of positive feelings. And let's be honest; who doesn't like to hear that they matter?

Love always,

And as per usual, I have a video for you :) It's Kris Allen's video for Live Like We're Dying.

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